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Jetsteam Maxi
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The newly arrived Jetsteam Maxi is an incredibly powerful steamer for its size. It has a very impressive 8 BAR steam pressure, combined with a hot water injection making it the smallest compact commercial steam cleaner on the market.

Powerful and Compact

The Jetsteam Maxi can be used as a complete solution for hygiene throughout facilities, or in individual locations. It can be used to clean bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, fridges, ovens, toilets, beds, upholstery, tiles, windows, patient areas, and canopies.

Application Gallery


  • 180°C Dry Steam to Deep Clean and Sanitise

    180°C 94% Dry steam is Produced by the Jetsteam Maxi

    180 Celcius Dry Steam

    8 Bar Pressure

    8 bars of steam pressure in a small portable machine.

    8 Bar Pressure

  • Continuous Reservoir

    Continuous Steam - Separate boiler and water reservoir, allows the Jetsteam Maxi to run continuously.

    Continuous Steam

    Large Reservoir

    Large 4Lt water reservoir allows the Jetsteam to clean more areas with less refills

    4 Litre Tank
  • Fast Start up

    Super fast start up means you can clean within 4 mins of turning the Jetsteam's power on.
    Super Fast Start Up

  • Hot Water Injection

    Hot water injection is ideal for flushing away removed debris, or blasting hard to remove build up.
    Hot Water Injection

  • Accessories

    Kit July 6 Bar

    Steam Accessories
    • Steam Hose
    • Extension Tubes
    • Lance
    • Large Triangle Tool
    • Large Rectangle Tool
    • Window Tool
    • Small Triangle Brush
    • Round Nylon Brush
    • Suction Nozzle
    • Scraper
    • Steel Pad
    • Small Nylon Brush
    • Small Stainless Brush
    • Small Brass Brush
  • Technical Specification


    Jetsteam Maxi

    Pressure 8 Bar
    Water Storage 4 L
    Steam Temperature 180°C
    Continuous Steam yes
    Hot Water Injection yes
    Machine Weight 12kg
    Max Power 2450W

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